Strong Steel

Strong steel

Boots to Asses, Lashes to Backs

N Large Town
Corruption -5; Crime -5; Economy +5; Law -2; Society +1
Qualities: Very Difficult Approach, Shoddy Construction,
Extensive Slave Market, Lost Gateway to Underdark
Danger +5; Disadvantages; Poor Maintenance

Government: Merchants’ Council
Population 3,000 (Gnoll, Half-Orc, Human)

Notable NPCs
Mangle (Chief Enforcer, Gnoll Warrior 8, NPC Codex, Gladiator Champion)
Master Elrain (Guild Master, Human Rogue 12, NPC Codex, Dilettante)

Base Value 2,000 gp; Purchase Limit 8,500 gp; Spellcasting 6th
Minor Items 3d4; Medium Items 2d4; Major Items 1d4

The town of Strong Steel is a purposeful misnomer. The old artificers spent most of their time producing excellent weapons, gates and fortifications for the underworld. Most of the town itself, was only crafted from medium to low standards

The climb to this side city looks ominous but is actually not that hard to traverse. It was however, highly publicized to discourage would be conquerors. This however, was a colossal failure.

In fact many times subhuman races have raised the city. In so much it seems to be a right of passage to sack this city. Due to the rubble and rebuilding the entrance to the underworld has been lost.

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Strong Steel

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