Harpies Breasts Plate

1,700 gp


+1 Breast Plate
Enchanted with Harpies Breasts
Attacking Male Human or Demi Humans must make a saving throw on their first attack against whoever dons this armor.

DC 12 Will saving throw or become captivated for one round


The armor called Harpies Breast Plate has an odd history in Evermordoom. It originated when a harpy sorceror named Passionella Vonclimax decided that if men could see her beautiful breasts through her armor, then her song would be more powerfull. Consequently men would physicaly hit her less, but socially hit on her more often.

She enchanted her breasts to a breast plate to create this effect. Unfortunately harpies are not known to be spectacular sorcerors, and she lived up to this by accidentaly transfering her breasts onto a breastplate.

So she wore the breast plate constantly so as not to embarrass herself by not having any. Sadly this did her no good when the other harpies pushed her into the swimming hole to get rid of her.

Since then the breast plates have belonged to several female adventurers. Most recently belonging to Oh No who like to pretend she’s shy by shooting any man who looks at them.

Harpies Breasts Plate

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