Dwarven Sturdy Helm +1

1,700 gp


Gain Stonecunning, and +1 Armor Bonus if wearing heavy armor
Special: This Armor Bonus stacks with the normal armor bonus for the wearer’s armor


This helmet was part of a four piece set named Zaren’s Arms. It was crafted by the dwarves for a human paladin who saved the life of the Dwarven King’s daughter. The full set of armor included Full Plate Armor, Shield, Helmet and Sword.

The paladin disappeared 200 years ago from any records of the time. This set of armor was engraved with the crest on the chest piece and Dwarven designs on matching pieces.

The story of Sir Zaren High Tower is part of the history of the Temple of Rambo. He disappeared after 55 years of life on a quest for the temple.

Dwarven Sturdy Helm +1

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