Don's Character


Human Female Ranger 4
1,100 exp.p, Next Level: 15,000
(Favored Class Option: Extra Hit Point)
48 Hit Points, 0 Hero Point

S6 D17 C16 I12 W12 C8
BAB +4 CMB +7 CMD 20 For +7 Ref +7 Will +3

Wpn Focus Bow, Deadly Aim, Point Blank Shot,Rapid Shot

Climb 1,Diplomacy 4, Disable Device 4, Escape Artist 4, Handle Animal 2,intimidate 1, K .Dungeoneering 1, K. Nature 1, Perception 4, Spellcraft 1, Stealth 4, Survival 4,Swim 1

Indomitable Faith, Rich Parents

Human Racial Traits:
+2 to One Ability, Medium, Normal Speed, Bonus Feat, Skilled

Class Features:
Favored Enemy Human, Track, Wild Empathy, Combat Style Feat Deadly Aim

Any one Spell from Mercy in Mandolay

Hunters Howl

+1 breast plate of the Harpies
+2 Composite Longbow +3 Str
mw Long Sword
Mw Shield
Efficient Quiver
Pearl of Power 1

CL 2 Wand of Longstrider (24 Charges)
CL 1 Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 Charges)

3,300 Gold
Deed to the Garden of Chains (100 gp month since the last time you visited Strong Steel)


Terra Tunnelly was originally part of a human clan that lived in the mountains and used the cave tunnels for food storage and to grow wild fungus. She currently goes by her nick name Oh No because her mom would call her that everytime the village elders would bring her around with a new problem she had gotten into.

The caver clan eventually got into territory problems with Mandolay. They were cowardly slaughtered by Mandolay in the middle of the night. Durring this time Oh No managed to fight a fair amount and run alot.

Since that time she has sworn veangeance on human civilization, and finds herself more comfortable in cave complexes than human cities. She is still working on her feelings about humans in general and society in general.


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