Sept 13 2013

Terra Cotta

We finally got through after our arrival we have some time to discover things about this place. There are living crystals that empower conjuration & acid spells outside Deep Earth, they maximize spells inside Deep Earth. They fight lava men & others who use darkness & deeper darkness.

To travel in Deep Earth we need earth elemental guides & a spell, “Glide Share” to move around. We find a possible mission to kill a wizard we thought was a stone giant, but later, after talking to a gold dragon, “Justdoom” we discovered he was a Shaitan. He lives in a wizard’s tower much protected by magic.

We are not deterred as a group. However I have reservations that the actual bounty of 5k gold is about what it is costing us to undertake this mission. We make & burn scrolls of invisibility, spider-climb, & two stone-to-flesh in case the basilisks stone some of us.

The elementals guide get us to the wizards tower. The chains we were told about were covered with grease and a gargoyle guarding it. On top of the tower there are Azer, Earth Elementals & Barbarians.

The fight rages on and is deadly with Goldmore and Ohno to cast spells & use scrolls. Albreck uses a mixture of fighting and casting. We won but it wasn’t easy.


JohnWilly JohnWilly

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