Arrive at Strong Steel

We arrive in The Falls at the base of Strong Steel. It is full of mostly Gnolls Orcs, & Goblins. Its former glory, if at ever possessed any, has faded to a wretched, dilapidated place rapidly falling apart. We occasionally had to dodge pieces of buildings falling down.
We negotiated a ride on stag beetles or by harpy’s to get to Strong Steel. The Orc, Larry Old Ogre, quoted 10gp but as soon as we agreed he upped it to 20 gold.
Boris paid 20, but Ohno & I only paid 10. Most of us chose goblin drivers. Goblin drivers proved to be inept which is not surprising to anyone. The climb up on Stag Beetles was not uneventful. Wedge fell & was rescued by Ohno. My Stag Beetle went off on its own pursuits. I could not get it to return to the ascent. It would have been comical if the threat of death was not so. I was the last one up and could not see my companions. I went looking for them. It was not hard. The locals were talking about the return of the dwarves.
My companions had chosen a run down place with the unfortunate name of “The Dirty Glass.” As I arrive local city council member offer to put us up at High View Manor which was several cuts above The Dirty Glass.
Night time was also not uneventful. Goldmore’s magical hand appeared in our room and was moving to attack him. I roused the sleeper but the hand escaped under the door.
The next day we meet with the dwarves to continue our mission to help them find the lost door/Gateway to Underdark.
They think the entrance is somewhere under the slave market.
At the Slave Market we look around. We stayed close to our Dwarven artificers.
As e moved about “Dark Stab” yells out “Get Them!” (“Them” being us)
A battle is on. The dwarves tell us to get to the trough. We are attaecked by human thugs & Gnoll Brutes and Orc Warriors with 2 Handed Club attacks. The fight rages for quite some time. The number of attackers keep us pinned up and they keep pounding on us.
Boris and Ohno deal the most damage. Boris became the target of many attacks until he was finally dropped. The clerics were kept busy healing. The tide of battle ebbed and flowed. Many times we were nearly beaten. Slowly we whittled away at the numerous foes. The opposing archers took a toll all the while.
Albrek, Boris and I freed our slaves after the battle was one. I had to pay Goldmore and Ohno for their slaves so I could set them free.
We found the deed to The Garden of Chains on the slave dealer so now it is ours. We have decided to keep it and open a zoo of monsters we will capture and offer food and drinks.


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